Golf Course Aerification Rates will be in effect Monday-Monday (8/29/16-9/5/16)

We are aerating the golf course the week of (8/29- 9/5).  We will be offering discounted rates during our aerification week.

Monday- Friday-(8/29-9/2)

Regular Rate Before 4 pm During Aerification Week- $33.00

Senior Rate Before 4 pm During Aerification Week- $27.00

Twilight (4 PM- Close) Remains Same During Aerification Week

Saturday- Monday(Labor Day)-(9/3-9/5)

Morning Rate Before 11:30 During Aerification Period- $47.00

11:30- Close During Aerification Week- Non Senior- $33.00                       Senior- $27.00


(Rates During Aerification Week highlighted in Red)