Course Tour

Hole 1. WAKE UP CALL -A challenging hole with pond left, to an uphill green that is undulating. 4 par

Hole 2. HUMP BACK – A downhill shot to a green with a large hump in center. 3 par

Hole 3. BLAST AWAY –Reachable in two, beware of fairway bunkers. 5 par

Hole 4. RUN WAY- A straight drive and second shot is all that is needed. 4 par

Hole 5. MONOCACY- Monocacy River down whole right side. 5 par

Hole 6. BEWARE- Beware of hidden pond on left, a well-guarded green, 4 par

Hole 7. MOUND- A medium shot to a mounded green. 3 par

Hole 8. SYCAMORE- A tight tee shot between the Sycamores to a two tiered green. 4 par

Hole 9. STREAM- Avoid the bunkers and stream off the tee, second shot to an uphill green. 4 par

Hole 10. BARN- Avoid OB left, hole goes down and back up hill, to well a guarded green. 5 par

Hole 11. PONDS- 2 ponds protect this hole. 4 par

Hole 12. BLAST OFF- A long dogleg right uphill, check the wind on second shot. 4 par

Hole 13. BULL’S EYE- A lot of bunkers to a thin sideways green.  3 par

Hole 14. NEEDLE- A straight drive through bunkers sets up a possible birdie. 4 par

“THE FOURHORSE MEN BEGIN” The toughest finishing holes in the County!

Can you beat our four horse Men?  Good Luck

Hole 15. FAMINE- Long uphill drive with sloping fairway, approach shot to tucked away green in woods.

5 par

Hole 16. PLAGUE- The longest toughest single shot on the course, trouble everywhere. 3 par

Hole 17. SWORD- Drive through a shoot, second shot to an uphill large green. 4 par

Hole 18. BEAST- OB left large trees right, prevailing wind in your face. A long second shot over a deep bunker to a severely sloped green. 4 par (par here is like a birdie)

*NOTES OF INTEREST*   Clustered Spires is an accredited Audubon certified golf course, home too many different types of birds. Deer, fox and an occasional coyote also call Clustered Spires home. 10 years ago, Clustered Spires planted over 3 thousand native varieties of trees to enhance the beauty and competitiveness of the course.