The Vault

“The Vault” is one of the nation’s most advanced state of the art teaching and club fitting facilities!  The making of “The Vault” was an in-depth 3 year process, to learn and aquire the absolute best combination of equipment. We now have the 100% ability to completely integrate your swing, equipment and body for exceptional golf. In “The Vault” we can capture once unattainable information immediately, while being able to absolutely measure the findings in a concise and easy to understand manner for the student.

“The Vault” houses 7 super high speed video cameras which are capable of taking multiple views of the swing, at the same time. The premier V1 golf software is used to assist in the lesson, with superb diagrams and actual side by side comparisons of over 500 tour professionals.  A force plate is used to define when a player shifts his weight, the sequence of the transfer and the direction the weight force moves. A Tomi putting system is used to interpret the putting stroke; measuring aim, path, point of contact and tempo. Along with Tomi we use the “Edel “putting laser aiming program (can’t aim it, can’t make). 2 high speed cameras are at ground level to capture the entire stroke.  All putts in “The Vault” are on the finest artificial surface made. The green stimps at 12 with no grain, with a perfectly level surface. The industries most advanced 3-D system, ” AMM 12 sensor “ is used to precisely measure how your body moves kinetically during the golf swing. This will be how most lessons are given 10 years from now.  The 3 Trak launch monitor, a great new tool for club fitting & teaching, measures angle of attack, clubface position and speed, ball speed, launch and spin, club gapping, plus “Smash Factor”.” Smash Factor” is now used by the Tour to determine just how squarely you strike the ball at impact. Nothing is left to chance or opinion; all lessons are 100% measureable. The information is then given back to the student in a simple and easy to understand format. We have seen that over the past 2 years of using “The Vault” the learning curve has increased greatly. What once took 3 lessons now can be achieved in one. All lessons are recorded with visual & voice recordings on your own personal DVD of the ultimate golf lesson experience!